Beeline Moto

Smart navigation for Motorcycles, made simple

Navigation solved.

Just enjoy the ride.

Navigation is vital to any great ride. Traditional sat navs are clunky and expensive, phones are fragile and have short battery life. We deserve something better.

Enter Beeline Moto.

Beeline Moto harnesses the power of your smartphone to give you simple, glanceable, and intuitive navigation, in your field of view, right where you need it. With a seamless user experience and beautiful industrial design, it’s a navigation solution that deserves a place on your motorcycle adventures.

The Interface

  • Large arrow shows the current direction to head in
  • Dot indicates the direction at your next turn
  • Distance counts down to your next maneuvre (metric or imperial units)
  • Junction indicators show roundabout exits, highway exits, lanes and road forks
  • Progress markers at the top of the screen quickly show your progress through your journey
Choose how you want to ride with two ways to navigate:

Route mode guides you precisely through each turn on the route, offering clear guidance and junction indicators. 

Compassmode points you directly to your destination, so you can find your own path. For the adventurous purists. 

Beeline app

Plan routes and see your journey history with the Beeline app, available for iOS and Android

  • Easily build your own routes and save them in the route planner, or import any GPX file
  • Track all of your rides and stats to look back on past adventures
  • Save your favourite places and routes
  • Avoid motorways, tolls and ferries

30 hours of battery life.
Ride all day.
Recharge in 1 hour.

Beeline Moto has been designed to have the stamina to keep going. With months of standby time, it’s ready when you are. 
  • Works with any motorcycle
  • Fully waterproof and shockproof
  • Universal Elastic Strap Mount and Sticky Pad Modular Mount included

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