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Rock chain lube is a mineral / synthetic composite oil which is also heat sensitive.


Penetrates inner pins and inside of the chain rollers Thickens to a viscous, extreme pressure lubricant Offers exceptional protection against shock loadings Resists flinging to a remarkable degree Suitable for all ‘O’ ring and ‘X’ ring chains Applied from an aerosolised container for ease of use Contains advanced anti-corrosion and dewatering additives to help increase chain life Extreme pressure additives reduce surface contact at the chain / sprocket interface, hence increasing sprocket life

Note: Always allow solvent to evaporate to leave finished product, failure to do so will allow product to fling. This process takes approximately 20 minutes depending upon ambient temperature.

Typical Physical Characteristics

  • Density 0.898
  • Viscosity @ 100C 175.0cSt
  • Viscosity Index 110
  • Solvent Content 23%
  • Appearance Viscous blue liquid 

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