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  • Palm and back in highly abrasion-resistant sweat-proof and colorfast kangaroo leather
  • Unlined palm
  • Back and thumb fully padded with shock-absorbing Suprotect® and 100% Kevlar®
  • NEW: Held has discovered that one of the most common injuries is dislocation of the little finger. This happens because the little finger is inadequately protected. To avoid this, they have given the little and ring fingers additional Kevlar® padding on the inside and outside
  • Pre-formed, crumple-free palm
  • Special flat seams reduce pressure points on the inner hand, and enhance feel
  • Carbon/GRP shells with 100% Kevlar® ceramic polymer matrix coating give perfect protection to the side of the hand and knuckles
  • NEW: Side of hands and knuckles protected with highly abrasion-resistant rayskin, (dasyatis bleekeri), a world first. This is under laid with shock-absorbing gel, for unmatched impact protection
  • Protected Velcro straps on the cuff and wrist
  • Visor wiper


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