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The S901A Smart Mount is a universal support incorporating a section made from a single piece of machined anodized aluminium. It enables the following GIVI Sat-Nav holders; S951, S952, S952B, S953, S953B, S954, S954B, S955, S955B, S956B and S957B to be mounted to the middle of a handlebar both quickly and easily. If combined with the specific adapter, the S901A can also be used to mount; the Tom Tom Rider (40, 400, 410), Garmin Zumo 390LM and Garmin Zumo 590LM Sat-Navs.
The mount support allows the position of the Sat-Nav to be modified and thanks to the two lower support slots, it is possible to mount the Smart Mount on a large number of different motorcycle models using a motorcycle specific stainless steel screw kit. 

To discover whether an “_ _ SKIT” screw kit exists for your specific model of motorcycle, please find your bike click the Givi Fitment Information button on the right hand side.

To be combined with the motorcycle specific “_ _ SKIT” screw kit

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